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As of tonight, I found Parmalat whole vitamin D milk. I found the milk at the Albertson's near my house in Henderson, Nevada. It was $3.49 (not on sale) for 1 quart (946ml). Only one size of Parmalat is available.


My 17 year old daughter is very happy.


Nutritional information for 1 cup of Parmalat: calories-150; calories from fat: 70; total fat: 8 grams (12% DV); saturated fat: 5 grams (25% DV); trans fat: 0 grams; cholesterol: 35 miligrams (11% DV); sodium: 130 miligrams (5% DV); total carbohydrate: 12 grams (4% DV); dietary fiber: 0 grams (0%); sugars: 12 grams; protein: 8 grams (16% DV)---Vitamin A, 6%; Vitamin C, 2%; Calcium, 30%, Iron, 0%; Vitamin D, 25%; Vitamin B2, 25%---Weight Watchers Points: 4.


Ingredients: Grade A UHT, Whole Milk,, and Vitamin D2.






Farmland Dairies LLC-520 Main Avenue-Wallington, New Jersey 07057


Pura Vida!

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Good for you, that took some time. Are you folks still coming this year?


Dear Sabo941,


We are planning on vacationing at Sarfari Surf School in Mal Pais/Santa Teresa from June 13th to June 21st. The airport we will land at the airport in Liberia.


Our already have our flight schedule.


Here is the website: http://www.safarisurfschool.com/.


We are considering living in the Montezuma area...with our 6 year old son. Our 17 year old daughter doesn't want to live in Costa Rica. She loves visiting Costa Rica.


I'm glad living in Costa Rica is working out for you and your family.



Laura K

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Good for you, that took some time. Are you folks still coming this year?



We are definitely visiting Costa Rica this summer. Our cells phones won't work in Costa Rica and we won't have a car.


Hopefully, there will be a way to meet and communicate in Costa Rica.

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