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Help: What are the Real Marriage Laws?

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Help! I have been all over our ARCR forum site and read all the marriage postings dating back many years. I have also read 20 or so web sites on a US citizen marrying a CR woman. I have two questions:


1. Some of the Costa Rican marriage websites state that no documents are required other than a valid passport and all that is necessary is that the man swears to the truthfulness of a number of statements (that he is legally divorced, birth information, etc.) with his CR lawyer who then files the papers. Other web sites state that a divorce decree and birth certificate be authenticated by the Secretary of the State where the man lives, and then the local CR Embassy in the US must approve and stamp the documents, and finally the lawyer files all the papers (very similar to what we now must go through for residence). What is the truth to the conflicting web sites?


2. If the CR lady wants to be married in a Catholic Church, what is normally required? Again, I see conflicting information. Some say that the man, who is not Catholic, must take religious instructions over a significant period of time before a marriage is allowed. Others don’t mention this requirement. Finally, if a church wedding is planned, can the Catholic wedding take place without all the CR legal requirements (if any) completed first.


Thanks for your help with this issue!



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