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The Costa Rica Presidential Primary

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So every 4 years, I like to stir things up a bit :)


Here is your opportunity to not only vote for your favorite pol (before the end of February!), but to express just why you favor him or her.


Or, you can skip the voting and just express your thoughts. Or, you can vote and not express your thoughts and nobody will be the wiser... but what fun is there in that?? There are few pastimes more enjoyable than baiting a liberal or a republican!


Oh... and in our poll, anyone can vote! Under age? Under educated? Even Canadians!


Have no idea? Maybe this site would help you decide: http://glassbooth.org/


Anyway... After Super Tuesday, it seems to be coming down to Obama and Clinton (Hillary technically, but I suppose you really get them both, again.), for the Dems and McCain for the Republicans (though it seems all the republicans think McCain is waaay to liberal to be a Republican. Geez, a Republican who may actually not irritate those left leaning souls?? (as much)


To make it look balanced, I'll add Romney for the Republicans, though it appears he will not make the final cut. I guess the way to structure this is to list all four leading candidates: McCain and Romney for the Republicans and Obama and Clinton for the Dems in alphabetical order.


I am not going to add an "Undecided" choice as that is just too much of a cop out! Get off the fence post and have an opinion! Go visit http://glassbooth.org/ for help.


Have fun!




PS... Did you know that there is actually a candidate for president named GEORGE BAILEY??? I mean how can anyone NOT vote for someone named George Bailey?? Jimmy Stewart would be rolling over! http://drgeorgebaileyforpresident.com/

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Just signed up, but, even as Canadians, we are political junkies - especially re the US. Super Tuesday is over, and I think the only surprise is that the so called "pundits" had no idea what was going on. So much for interpreting the pulse of the nation.


We had a poll here, and it split between Hillary and Obama (Dems) and solid for McCain ( Rep). Basically, no one doubts that Hillary has the most prepared, knowledgable and capable technical and adminstrative skills. On a personal level, she comes across as cold - however, any warmth could be misinterpreted as "being a weak woman". Obama has that charisma and speaking ability that inspires one to believe that things can change for the better ( How could they not after Bush?). All the words however will not solve the imminent crises happening to the US. McCain has always enjoyed our respect for being a "maverick" and it's a shame that seems to be so unusual. The only, and I mean only, problem I have with McCain was his attempt last year to suddenly cozt up to the right wing evangelicals. He doesn't need them, and I wish he'd just give up on the whole group. These people make a good living raging away - they won't change.


What is much more impressive is the combination of the these three candidates ( and John Edwards for that matter). Up here in Canada, we were beginning to think that the poor, the disadvantaged and racial minorities ( Black and Hispanic) had become irrelevant to the American Dream. America's rep is damaged so badly with Iraq, the mortgage mess, and your lack of health care. Damaged to the point that American policy is intensely disliked around the world.


So... we are now presented with Candidates that embody a different America - a capable woman, a successful black, and a real war hero with heart! Wow - we didn't think there were any politicians like this allowed to even survive down there, let alone run for President.


Best show on TV. Anyone one of the above could be, and I stress "could" be the leader America desperately needs right now.


A Canadian friend,


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I'll stick my neck way out here......I do not profess to be either a Democrat or a Republican.....but have voted for a lot more Democrats than Republicans, thank you very much..........I think it is way past the time when we need a woman for President, and I do believe that I will vote for Hillary, if for no other reason than to p___ off my brother-in-law (a diehard Bush Lover)......

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So I put up this stupid poll and walk into the other room to hear Fox or CNN telling me Romney is gone. Sheesh!


I love it that the Canadians (ok one Canadian so far) are weighing in... though not at all sure I agree that "Basically, no one doubts that Hillary has the most prepared, knowledgable and capable technical and adminstrative skills."


Ummm... Did she get that by sleeping with Bill? The only major thing she tried to do while he was president was a dismal failure (health care) and she alienated everyone who was involved with her. Her constant problems with her White House staff during Bill's presidency were the stuff of legend. Even CNN (at the time known as the Clinton News Network), came down on her hard.


I like Obama but he has just about no experience on anything... but sure can talk pretty! :) Maybe in 8 years though.


I agree with JDO that a woman pres would be cool... but I sorta like the idea of a Black pres as well!


McCain is running as a Republican but he sure is not like most Republicans. He is not that goofy right wing sorta candidate. This really PO's the far right. A few weeks ago, he was nothing and expected to leave the race. Now? Whatta turnaround, and I am beginning to thing this is do to the fact that people are beginning to see that ANY candidate who is either too far left or too far right will just tick off everyone and will be unable to function. You cannot be an effective president by irritating the entire free world including our own people.


I think I'll go for McCain.


I have 2 children in Chicago and 4 grandkids. BIG target city like NYC.


I have zero confidence that Hillary or Obama can control Al Queda and the other terrorist groups who are now training CHILDREN, I see, to continue this war into the next generation.


What I see is this appeasement approach from the Dems, sometimes even blaming our own country, as the solution. Huh? History shows exactly how effective that approach was when dealing with pre-war Germany. I think Al Queda and others prefer the forced religious conversion method! I also do not think they can be placated. Whether you hate or love Bush, the one clear thing is there has not been another attack on US soil since 9-11, and with family still in the USA, that is big time important for me. Someone is clearly doing something right.


While I am not at all thrilled with us being in Iraq, the very thought of Al Queda with all that oil revenue scares the heck outta me. Odd that during the Democratic "online town meeting with YOUtube that no democratic candidate was required to state how they would handle that issue if we left Iraq tomorrow! It is so easy to criticize others when you don't have to come up with your own and better solution. Too, the democratic party slaps down anyone who gets even mildly hawkish! Obama made a comment about going into Pakistan to get Osama and his own party slapped him down like a 5 year old... Ugh!


McCain has a ton of experience and has show he will not kowtow to pressure even from his own party. You may not like all he says, but he is about the only candidate in years who even comes close to speaking bluntly. The last one in my life was Truman I think.


The only thing that concerns me about McCain is his age. He is older than dirt... hell, he is older than me! So his running mate will be something important to consider.


Anyway... that is my opinion and as we all know... opinions are like feet! Everybody has them and everyone thinks theirs don't steeeenk :)

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