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Ok kids. Everybody out of the pool! I am going to be giving time-outs very soon if you can't play nice.


The REASON I moved this post in the first place was because while it violated no forum rules (that is until he began to quote scripture and preach which is NOT allowed under forum rules).


I also moved it here as I thought members had the right to read his spew and respond... but NICELY... like your mommies raised you!


I also thought it was pretty funny!


Sadly, some of you are buying into this silliness and taking it for real! Get a grip!


These people are pretty much everywhere in the world, and while I personally lump them into the "whack job" category as apparently many of you do also. there ARE people like Alaska Girl who buy into this stuff. Everyone has the right to respond as they see fit... agree or disagree.... except:


You may NOT use nasty language or call other members names.


You may not threaten other members.


You may not invite other members to meet you at the playground after school so you can settle this like men (<<< the "men" part? That is a joke)


You need to behave like grown-ups. Ryan has made this very clear as have I; we will not tolerate bad behavior.


You are all just perpetuating this nonsense! Sheesh!


As I think all has been said that needs to be said, I am closing this topic. All I see is the same old crappola.


If any of you continue it elsewhere (as in another forum)... well let's just say that would not be a good idea.


If you feel you just HAVE to get in the last word, use private mail to insult each other!



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....... I am closing this topic. .....


Greetings to all,


Excuse me Tim for a second, but in this particular instance, and as the actual owner of this board, I just wanted to add the 'last note'


I have never understood, on this board nor any other, why people get so worked up over a topic they don't have any interest in. If a person is not insulting anyone, nor posting thousands of posts about the same topic, then I feel that among adults one can decide what they wish to post. If another party does not like the topic, then why can they not just ignore it.?? There may be someone else (as in this case) who has interest, and they have the right to read it, the same as you have a right not to.


If someone wishes to post a well thought reply, or engage in a 'Discussion' with an opposing point of view I also see no problem. However outright arguments are annoying to most of us, so I certainly hope that we don't have to continue seeing this sort of horsepucky, for if this board degenerates into argumentative posts, be assured I will pull the plug.

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I agree... and just to clarify things even more. We have a lot of newcomers whose first experience with the people here CR (read that as expats) is their contact with us in these forums.


Many newbies clearly have not done any reading or research on Costa Rica and just plan to "come on down"making enormous and not well thought out permanent changes in their lives. Others plan to come down and work here totally unaware that they generally will NOT be able to work here legally and even if they do, they will earn wages about 15% of what they make now.


They never use the SEARCH feature on this forum to see if the answer is there, and they ask the same questions that have been answered 300 times before.


This annoys many Members... and it annoys me as well, but it is clearly not going to change.


Therefore, we have an option to either make these people feel welcome or make them feel stupid.


I prefer the former, so I would like to encourage all Members to restrain themselves from blasting the hell outta newcomers for asking or saying something dumb regarding their plans to move/live here. Take a deep breath and explain nicely the realities. I think most members do this, but a few can be a little... ummmm... in your face?


Thank You

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