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October Was Wettest Month on Record

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October Was Wettest Month on Record

According to the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) - the national weather service - October this year was the month with the most rain in the country's history.


According to Werner Stolz, October left dozens homeless and countless others affected, suffering material loss in the billions of colones.


The Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgo y Atención de Emergencias quantified the material loss a ¢35 billion colones, in damages to roads, bridges, homes and agricultural plantations.


Nicaragua got the worst of the season when Felix, a category 5 hurricane, swept through the country, resulting in 53 deaths, 105 disappeared and more than 100.000 affected, destorying some 10.000 homes and more than 250 million hectares of forest destroyed. According to experts it will take 50 years for the Sandy Bay community, the most affected area, to recover fully.


The good news from IMN is that the hurricane season in Costa Rica is official over and sunny, dry weather is now the norm until next May.

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Wettest in recorded history.... but I wonder if it was really the wettest ever?


You should have seen by our house in Heredia, one day the entire road was about a 2 foot deep river for about 3 miles.... up the mountain (I live in the mountains of Heredia) About a 30-45 degree incline or greater. I felt really sorry for those getting off of the bus that day....

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