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Any information about Macaw Development Group in Jaco


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If you have any information about this company, http://macawdevelopmentgroup.com/index.html, we would appreciate hearing from you. A friend of mine in Vermont was contacted by one of their salesmen so we are doing some 'due diligence.' ;)



Many people can end up with a beautiful project in this fantastic country, however, there have been an ever growing number of complaints that include and are not limited to the following;


• Drawings, plans and blue prints that are not up to international standards.


• Highly inflated marked up prices for soil tests, permits, added to your bill.


• Originally quoted per square foot building costs suddenly sky rocketing.


• Prices for retaining walls, swimming pools or foundations out of all proportions suddenly added to the over all cost.


• Delay after delay in starting or finishing the project.


To ensure that you are not caught up in this mess and are not one of the many who’s project ends up costing a lot more than you expected, and that your build is completed on time on or near the original budget we would like to discuss our service with you.


We are a Construction Auditing company who for a very reasonable fee will oversee everything on your behalf.


A lot of potential headaches can be avoided and money saved.


Our professional and qualified staff of architects and engineers can:


• Examine your design plans and blue prints and point out any potential problems prior to building.


• Review what the builder or developer is charging you and point out if you are being over charged.


• Check that all professionals involved in you building project are completing their duties and abiding by their contract


• Advice you on any changes that should be made to the building plans.


• Assist on getting the project finished on schedule.


• We will even oversee the entire build and on a bi-weekly basis and forward you digital photos to keep you continually informed.




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