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I purchased a property in Guanacasta area several years ago. the follow-up registration of my name on the escatoro was supposed to be completed by my attorney but wasn't. So I find out years later the lot I purchased was but a portion of a much larger parcel split into many smaller lots. Sounds fine so far but in the mean time a resident sued the original owner and the matter was in court for many years. thus all the people who purchased lots from the original owner were not able to registor their names on the escatoro. well the court case is complete and I 'am ok for ownership but still have to obtain signitures from all those people who also bought property before me. Enough of that, I understand that a law goes into effect in 2004 that would eliminate the need for these signitures and allow me the right to register my name. Any one have knowlege of such law.

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