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Another building material question: Does anyone have any experience with Recycled Plastic Lumber, specifically for exterior decking. Cost vs traditional lumber...availabiltiy in CR ??? I have been unable to find any info at all. We are planning a large front deck to our house in CR and would like to use a more eco-friendly "green" solution if possible. I am thinking it may be cost probitive. Any or all opinions and experience are welcome! Thanks in advance! jean

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This type of re-cycled decking material in the USA is three times as expensive as treated lumber. Since to the best of my knowledge it is not manufactured here in CR, it would need to be imported and a duty would need to be paid. Therefore it would be very expensive here as would the special fasteners needed to assemble the products. An eco-friendly method of constructing a deck in CR would be to purchase galvanized metal studs and assemble the structure with stainless steel bolts and nuts. This avoids corrosion and insects, rodents and the environment will never deteriorate your new deck. The sub-floor of your deck could be covered with 1/2" or 3/4" cement board and then the floor of your new structure can be covered with whatever material you have envisioned from ceramic tile to indoor/outdoor carpet. This eco-friendly "green" solution will save you green and not contaminate the environment with chemically treated lumber.

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