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When I posted a message on the forum, I was labeled as a "newbie". The person who I was responding to was labeled a "new member". What's the difference? (I was a member first, by the way.)


Also, the left-hand column of my post ended with this ominous ...


"Warn: (0%) (and then a row of pretty flesh-colored squares).


Hmmmmmm .... vewwy intowesting!

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And... congratulations on being the very first to ask this question.


Your "ranking" is based on the number of Posts you have made. You are a "newbie" to this forum when you begin to participate... either by asking question, answering other folk's questions, or just commenting on stuff...as I do about my friend Ray and his... ahem... size :)


The more you participate, the higher your ranking. Some folks are pretty active here, while others come in, ask a question, get the answer, then fly away.


Ranking does not necessarily reflect knowledge of a subject... but it does indicate an interest in these Forums and means that a higher ranking person probably knows their way around the Forums and is willing to be a participant. Post a few more messages or responses and you will see your ranking change!


"Warn: (0%) (and then a row of pretty flesh-colored squares).


Does seem ominous huh?


We occasionally get folks on here who do not play by the rules.


This board is not for advertising services, products, real estate, travel, or other COMMERCIAL type promotion. You can post a message to sell a car, buy one, ask about a vendor, but we restrict posts that try to sell a product or commercial service. You could post to sell (or buy) a refrigerator, but not if you are an appliance dealer.


If you are a dealer, travel agent, realtor (whatever) you can post as often as you like, answer questions, and be helpful. You can also add a "signature" telling the world about what you do.


Example: You will see many posts here from "Ray" who is the owner of the Costa Rica Travel Store, a reputable business here in CR. He participates and answers a lot of questions about CR but he never offers tours, trips, etc. If someone decides to contact him from the info in his "signature"... well that is fine. He just can't use these forums to sell his travel products.


BUT!! Let's say Ray DOES break the rules and tries to sell a fishing tour. He gets "warned" and that is what that barometer is all about. He gets three warnings and then he is suspended as a Member. After we spank him a bit, he is allowed to return... but if he sins once more... Ray is a memory :)


Only YOU can see your (own) warning barometer. It is not public so no one knows if you have been warned and are being given quiet time as the Moms in the US like to say.


Fortunately, everyone here plays nice, and we have only given out two warnings in the 5 months or so we have been open.


You could also get warned by making personal attacks on another member, using foul language, using the Person Mail or Email feature to SPAM our Members, being abusive, etc.


Saying that, you CAN comment on just about ANY subject, vent your spleen about waiting in line, immigration policies... whatever. We do not censor anyone here unless your "cause" is considered pornographic or deals with issues that grown-ups would find offensive. We say that because nothing offends a 12 year old boy. I have had 2 and I KNOW! :)


Welcome to the Forums! Good questions!!



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