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If you were going to rob a house would you do it in plain sight of a main road or would you "case the joint" and do it out of sight at your convenience?

I have no intention of burgling anyone but I would choose option 2.

Cheers .... Terry

I only know that the people I know who live in nice new homes, in sight from a public road are the ones who've been hit the most and hardest, of all the people I know in Costa Rica, which is quite a few.


Again, I think that being off the main road, not visible from the main road, is more of an asset than a liability. I think that if one has to carry stuff over a fence, down a long driveway, and under threat of security cameras and a gun and/or a dog, there is less chance of being robbed. Time and circumstance will of course tell the tale.


I also wanted to point out to marzrox above, that setting up a security camera on an old cheap laptop is not too expensive. A security firm that does it, yes: expensive. But you could set up your own with a couple hidden small web cams for probably $200-400 (just guessing) and record from those 2 cameras 24 hours a day for no monthly cost. Whether having the faces, voices etc of the robbers would mean anything to the cops in terms of catching them and punishing them, well, that's another issue. I do agree that cops in Costa Rica tend not to take robbery of gringos very seriously. Not sure if they take it seriously against Ticos.


So security measures in place are indeed the best defense. IMHO.

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Terry has summed it up succinctly, so let's not contiune to debate this point further.


This thread while it contained some interesting and even helpful advice and suggestions for some, has outlasted its usefulness.


It is therefore now closed.


Paul M.


- -

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