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Construction Specifications of your expectations

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Specifications of the expectations you have imagined for your dream home in paradise.


We all have expectations. But some of us are not able to clearly envision how all the components need to be assembled to achieve the end result we have imagined.


Photos help but detailed construction specifications are the best means you have to get your dream home completed to your expectations and the way you imagine it to be.


It is a good idea to thoroughly communicate your expectations of how you imagine your residence to be to your builder so he can include the items you need in your construction specifications and provide you with the accurate cost to install them in your new residence. If you don't have a good building contract, with detailed construction specifications you may end up spending more than you anticipated and perhaps get disappointed.


With a good set of specifications you can be sure that you are getting the total cost for all the work to complete your residence the way you imagine it to be.


Plus if you select a builder with whom you can communicate and someone who understands the manner in which you're accustomed to living, chances are you won't be inconvenienced by the inconveniences that happen here in paradise.

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Good specifications are a must. Pictures are extremely helpful. It is also very wise to take the time to visit homes that have been completed by the builder being considered and speak to the owners. Do not make a decision based on nice brochures, a good website and/or an appealing personality. Although, all these things should be considered. VISIT A HOME... SPEAK TO CLIENTS... it is worth the time invested :)



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