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Ocean view lot & Lots close to ocean


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Large, Oceanview lot for sale in Playa Potrero. Sweeping views of Flamingo Bay and Potrero Bay. Lot size is 5000m2 (1 1/4 acres). Priced to sell at $150,000. Water and Electric on site. Five minute drive to beach.


Lots in Playa Conchal, 10 minute walk to beach in quiet community. Lots ranges from 506m2 - 1100 m2. A great deal from $55,000. Water & electric on site. Guard/caretaker on site 24 hours/day. Only 12 minute drive to Playa Grande, 20 minutes to Playa Tamarindo, 15 minutes to Playa Flamingo. Great location!


For more info, please email me at: mediatica26@yahoo.com or visit my website for more details/photos at: www.bwpcr.com

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What? Only been there a month and already you are a Real Estate agent? Why not? Everyone else is. :)




I don't even live in CR yet and during a conversation last month about each other's backgrounds I mentioned that I am in sales management. The conversation then quickly changed to his attempting to interest me in trying CR real estate sales. I don't think he was quite as interested when the minimum base plus hefty comission that it would take to get my interest was mentioned.


At least the young lady above took the time and spent the money to earn a Florida Realtor's license as compared to most who seem to have had virtually no training. For me that training was time and money well spent as I now know a lot more about the biz. I quit proferssionally selling others' property after about a year; got tired of 1) "competing" with newbees who lower their price at the drop of a hat and 2) the emotions of owners who have no clue as to what their beloved property is actually worth.


Gook luck MT.


(hoping that CR someday implements both a true licensing and MLS system, but I ain't holdin my breath that it will be in my lifetime)

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So true. Miami David is right, I am a licensed Realtor in Florida and have been for almost 4 years. I have owned property in Costa Rica for a couple of years now and been selling for almost 2 months here. So far so good! It is competitive, but I try to have fun with it as I did in Tampa and try not to stress. I left the states for that!! :-)


And YES, I pray everyday that an MLS type system shows up as well as some licensing requirements. It kind of scares me to think any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a "Real estate Agent". And if they say they're a Realtor, they're probably lying. At last count I know of only a small handful of actual realtors in Costa Rica (those who pay dues to the NAR-National Association of Realtors and are licensed in a state in the USA or province in Canada).

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