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Once we get down there, i just want everyone to know for you to be sure and keep in touch. We would love to meet some of you others that have made a decision to move there also. Tico Grande, hats off to you for thsi great site. I have gained lots of information here and will be needing much more. Laura Howell

(Roxana de Guapiles, Houston Texas)

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Well this site is actually part of ARCR, so tilt the hat to them... but thanks!


We now have a crew of really knowledegable members and less and less do Ryan and I have to post. So many others have solid info to share.


Also, my wife is from Guapiles and we get down there regularly. I hope you enjoy your new digs! Call me once you get in AND have air conditioning!



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For those of you interested. We are going to be building a rock church there on our property. It will be non denominational. There will always be a good place for you to come and play your guitar or favorite instrument and sing a song or two with us. Much Fellowship!!!! We are also thinking of starting and orphanage. Our intentions are to give back and share all the blessings we have been given. If any one has any information pertaining to do with this CR let me know.

I cant wait to be there full time. God Bless, Laura and Tom Howell




And by the way. We just purchased the Rosetta Stone so we are learning "real" :) Espanol!!!

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We just purchased the Rosetta Stone so we are learning "real" :) Espanol!!!


I recently purchased Rosetta Stone and so far am hugely disappointed. So far all I am seeing (actually hearing) is pronunciation issues and have not yet found any meat and potatoes grammar and vocabulary. I've only spent an hour or so fooling with it so I am probably missing "the good stuff" and may stumble on it the next time I have a few hours to waste.


I think if you are having trouble pronouncing Spanish then RS is probably a good program. I have no problems with pronunciation and am looking to take my basic functional travellers' Spanish into intermediate business Spanish. So far I feel that my purchase of RS Latin America levels 1 and 2 was a waste of time and money (even though I got a "great deal" on it).

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