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My Tico attorney suggested getting a land survey and perhaps putting up a fence of some sort on a property I purchased near San Ramon in August. I hired a local (with contract) to watch and care for the property in my extended absence. I also have gotten an estimate for the survey cost (about $390).


The property is sandwiched between two farm plots with a common access road (servidumbre) and I have spoken with locals on several occaisions while visiting whom I encountered while they were making small harvests on the land bordering mine. This activitiy seems to be an almost daily routine. The are very friendly people, of course.


My question is: how common is it for a foreign owner to fence in a portion of unused land (12000 sq meters)?

I understand this is a very good idea and will eventually get around to it but I am anxious not to make a bad impression on neighbors before I move there.

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