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I would like to make a comment in regards to the constant bashing of ARCR on another forum. They claim rudeness by ARCR employees, and wrong information in regards to immigration.


I have dealt with different people at ARCR and NEVER has anyone been rude... to the exact contrary.. people are wonderful there. ARCR is here for everyone. They deal with immigration topics directly with the source. They are our bargaining chip for those who care about Costa Rica and can't make a difference. They do... Thank you Ryan and Tim


You are not going to please everyone and I understand that.. but.. I would almost wager some of these people doing the bashing are not or have never been members...

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I must agree with Adriennesgrandma, ARCR and the staff have always been helpful and go out of their way to help people understand the rules. As far as I am concerned they are a very valuable resource and without them we all would be in a bind. However, I don't know what site has been bashing them.



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I too am not familiar w/ the site that is bashing ARCR.


I will hazzard a guess as to who the perp(s) might be: Someone who asked a stupid question and did not get the answer they wanted. ???


Personally I love Tim and Ryan's straightforward no-BS styles. Some of the thinner skinned types probably freak out at it.

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The moderator just put an end to the b.s. bashing saying enough is enough. She feels like alot of us do that ARCR serves a very useful purpose and Tim and Ryan both answer tons of questions without cost or obligation.

First time I have ever agreed with that moderator...I no longer post there as it is a very narrow minded group in my opinion.. now that is not every person there.

I also like the straight forward no nonsense approach to life in general. I guess that is why I live Tim and Ryan so much...

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