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Important Notice - Please Read This


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It seems that despite all my postings on this subject, I have either not been clear or maybe nobody reads my posts... :rolleyes:


America Online (AOL) is still blocking nearly all email communications from Costa Rica. If you are an AOL user, PLEASE change services or get a Hotmail account if you intend to either join ARCR or these Forums.


If you DON'T, do NOT expect ARCR to be able to respond to your emails. They will, but you won't receive the email.


If you DON'T, do not expect these Forums to work properly!


Below is a copy (excerpted) of ANOTHER email I just sent to a new Member (ARCR and the Forums). I have sent out perhaps 40 of these similar emails, so if you are STILL using AOL, read this and save us both some time. Tim


Dear Sir:


Please read this email VERY carefully. It contains a lot of important



First, please be aware that America Online (AOL) blocks nearly all email from Costa Rica.


They do this without your knowledge or your permission, so unless you are very lucky, you may not even be receiving THIS email from me. This was explained to you on your confirmation page after you joined ARCR is discussed in detail on the ARCR Forums.


You can NOT use AOL to communicate effectively with anyone in Costa Rica.


You MUST either get another Internet Service Provider (best) or open a Hotmail account. If you do not, ARCR will NOT be able to respond to you at AOL... at least not reliably.


You have TWO ways to communicate with ARCR without having to call them.


#1 First, change your email now! (DO NOT USE AOL) and then write them at arcr@casacanada.net AGAIN! DO NOT USE AOL! If you do, they will receive your email (as I have) but they will NOT be able to answer you!


#2 Use the ARCR Forums


NOTE! The reason you have not been able to use the ARCR Forums since August is because after you registered in August, a confirming email was sent to you. You probably did not receive it because AOL blocked it. If you did not get it, you could not reply (confirm) and therefore your full Forums membership was never completed.


Because I DID receive your email from AOL, I have manually APPROVED you and you may now use the Forums. You are now a FULL Member.


Important, ARCR may STILL be unable to reply to if you continue to use AOL.


I am sending a copy of this email to ARCR but PLEASE NOTE, they may not be able to respond to your AOL address.


Please take a moment and verify TO ME that you received this email.




Tim Lytle




My personal advice to ALL America Online users is to PLEASE get another Internet service provider who does not block your email.

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