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I would like to buy a property in Costa Rica in the near future but require a U.S.-style mortgage. I have a phenomenal U.S. credit history (FICO score above a 750) and have a longer buying horizon.


Unlike a lot of retirees, I am long on income and shorter on assets (retirees are usually the reverse).


Could someone keep this post around and shoot me an email or post if U.S.-style (20%-30% down) 6.5%-7.5% 30 year fixed mortgages come to Costa Rica without large commissions (I spoke to HSBC down there and they charge about 8% in commission between lawyer fees and extra closing costs).


Thank you very much. I can be directly emailed at res6m3mk@verizon.net.

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I have a freind who just financed a house construction here and can certainly introduce you to him so he can tell you how he did it. It was in affiliation with a USA bank somehow, don't really know all the details. Also, I have a good Tico friend and we are kind of informally showing and selling properties. The main reason we started to do this is because there are many things that you need to consider when buying property here that if you are not told, will wind up costing you a lot more money or even buying property that you will not to be able to build on. This happened to me and we are dedicated to make sure it does not happen to other folks.


If you are interested, you can contact me directly at bnearhoff@hotmail.com


Good luck with whatever your decision is and be carefull.



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Thank you for your post. I am not at the stage of wanting to see properties. Because if I am not able to find attractive financing, I wouldn't invest in Costa Rica real estate.


You can feel free to have your friend email me and let me know what the terms were (% down, APR, fixed/variable, term length, and % total commission of loan). My email is res6m3mk@verizon.net.


The truth is this post has generated tons of solicitations by real estate agents (not suprisingly) about how financing is possible for purchases. However, when I push for any details to accurately gauge whether I can find even closely comparable mortgage instruments, the conversations usually die.


If any financial intermediaries have stepped in to help foreigners with a proven credit history and assets who want attractive financing, I would be excited to know this.



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