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Problems Registering?

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OK, you registered and now you cannot Post or Read.


First, the most common reason is you did not respond to the confirmation email that was sent to you!


When you registered, an email is almost instantly sent to the address you used when you registered. We do this so people cannot subscribe you without your knowledge or permission. No exceptions. You MUST respond to that email within 48 hours by following the instructions. If you do NOT, you will not be activated and your application will be deleted by the system. You will need to re-register. Period!

A. Now you say "I did not receive that verification email".

Solution: OK... first, check your SPAM folder as Hotmail and some others often place ALL email from Costa Rica in that location.

If it is not there, return to the forums, login, and click the option "Resend Verification Email"

If you still do not get it, check with your email admin as to why your email is being blocked, or better yet, register using a different email address. Do NOT write and tell me you did not receive the verification email as we discussed THAT above! smile.gif We strongly suggest using GMAIL as it just never seems to block email or cause issues receiving email from Costa Rica

B. Maybe you made an error and entered the wrong email address?

Solution: Try registering again. If you get an error saying your email address is already in use, then move to the next step below as you DID use the correct email.

So we now know you used the right email address but you still did not get the verification email.

C. Using AOL?

If you use AOL, be aware that AOL blocks email from MANY countries without your knowledge or permission. They will deny this if you ask them, but be assured they are... ummm... fibbing as we KNOW they do this.

Solution: Find another service provider or use a different email address to register. AOL is a real problem and there is no other solution. Do NOT write and tell me you use AOL and did not receive the verification email as we discussed THAT too! smile.gif


D. OK, so you registered, you DID get the verification email. You DID click the confirmation link as instructed, and you DID get the registered message but you STILL cannot login.


Solution: We get thousands of spammers trying to join the Forums and we have various protections to keeps them at bay. You must be manually approved by a moderator or by the Admin to access the Forums. We do not hang by our computers just waiting for each new member. It can and WILL often take 24 hours or, in very rare cases, 48 hours. Be patient. It is a skill you had better learn regardless of whether you want to live, visit or just learn about Costa Rica.


E. Are you using a proxy server? Using a VPN? You may not use a proxy server when registering. ANY attempt to hide your IP address will result in deletion of your request.


F. Did you include a working phone number when registering? This is required of some registrants. No phone number? No registration. Deleted. Period... and yes, we DO call so if not answered the request is deleted.


G. OK... You registered, clicked the confirmation link and you still are not able to login.


Solution: Did you answer ALL questions in the registration form with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ACCURACY?

Did you provide your real name?

Did you provide a phone number where requested? If you did not, your registration may well have been deleted.

You must answer those questions with 100% accuracy. If we have deleted you, then re-register, this time providing 100% accurate data.

The bottom line is this.

You must use a reliable email address that accepts emails from us. If you do not, it is your responsibility to use one that does. You must be able to receive our verification email and follow the instructions therein so we can fully activate your Membership. You must answer honestly. You must click the registration link and you must be patient.

One last thing. If you are using your work email, be aware that some businesses also block certain emails, so you must check with your system admin at work.



TG and Moderators

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