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Squaters - Is this a real problem?

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I have heard the there is a real issue with squaters. Is the a real probelm? If you travel frequently how do you address this. I understand that squaters have rights if you don't get them off the property right away.

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bigK - you've got about 30 days to simply have local cops tell them to vamos , after that , your problems get much worse - this squatter thing happened to a couple of tico friends of ours , so it is not just a gringo deal - this is main reason to have local or onsite observer if you need to be away from the property


in the case of my tico friends , they ultimately ended up paying thousands of dollars to the squatters to get off their land and relinquish all claims to the property - sad commentary


in these cases the tico thought they were covered with sweet young tica watching the property and the sweet young things got boyfriends who decided to keep the woman and the property - wow !!!


where did I put my shotgun . . . . .

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Aren't there laws preventing people from breaking into your house? What about your personal property that is on the premises when they decide to move in?



The squatter thing is involved primarily with undeveloped land (for the most part). Although if it is a large enough piece of property squatters might squat on a portion of it that is far away from the house or other developed sections. Out of sight out of mind, you know...


The sooner you can remove squatters from your property the better. As mentioned above, inside of thirty days all it takes is the police to make them move along.


If they stay longer if becomes more difficult to evict them and, if they are there long enough to make improvements to the property, the property owner may have to reimburse the squatters for those improvements. Sadly, improvements may include a situation where the onwer purchased pristine land and the squatters clearcut an area of it to farm on. The onwer may have bought that property as a preservation effort, yet the clearcutting is considered an improvement by the CR court system and the owner can be required to pay for that destruction of the forest to get the squatters off his property!


An absentee land owner would do well to find a trusted person to watch over his land during the time(s) he is not there. Some landowners will hire a person to live on the land as a caretaker. In this case it is advisable to have a written agreement or contract with the caretakes specifying the details and possibly paying a minimal sum for the service. This will go a long way to preventing that person from deciding to become a squatter on the property, a situation that has befallen trusting landowners more than a few times. Such a contract is useful as it would show the court that a specified agreement had be made previously, which would act as a protection for the landowner.


Squatting is almost always on rural land. One seldom if ever hears of squatting in towns, even on an undeveloped lot.


Hope this is useful info...


Paul M.


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