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Land owners and Builders Who are these people?

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Does anyone know these people or done business with them??


there's one saying at Costa Rica. To deal directly with the owner, u got better price. U won't get over quoted price.


Thru the broker u get $10/m2. But with the owner u could pay 5 to 15% less.


U need a good lawyer to test those owners. Real or fake owner.

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I have just learned of the existence of a new web site or forum that is either online now or will soon be online, that will allow people to share their "war stories", good or bad, about Costa Rica developers, builders, brokers and/or realtors!


This site should allow potential real estate buyers to get at least some idea from others as to just how reputable is a certain company, builder, developer, or realtor.


In my opinon, this is a WAY overdue web site, and while I am sure the majority of those businesses are well-run, ethical, honest, and legitimate, we all know there are several that are, shall we say... um... less than forthcoming and honest. :)


Also, as the baby-boomers start arriving over the next few years, this situation is bound to get worse, so new property buyers can maybe get a heads-up on these businesses before they pay over any money.


I do not have this info yet... but I will. As soon as I know, I will post it here.



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