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I am moving to Escazu in January and I have to make a decision about where to buy appliances. Five years ago, I bought appliances in Golfito, but the appliances available were name brands, but manufactured for the latin america market i.e lower quality. Does anybody know if this is still the case and is it possible to order appliances from a Golfito dealer without traveling down there ?

Secondly, is there a good place in Miami, Fla. where I can order high end appliances and they will deliver them to my home. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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I think I'll jump in and add my two cents here.


...but manufactured for the Latin America market i.e lower quality


This seems like a fairly blunt remark and I am not sure at all that it is accurate.


In fact, I have not had ANY problems, not have I seen any difference in BRAND NAME products marketed in Costa Rica. Off brands yes... but not name brand products. But, I have the same problems in the US if I buy non name brand stuff.


I am not sure where you got this information, but I think it is incorrect.


What I HAVE found is that appliances are very expensive here compared to the US, so it may be better to import and pay the duties. Even Golfita is not cheap.


The same Golfito rules apply: Buy there and stay overnight.


There was also an article not to many months ago stating that Golfito may lose its tax-free status. I have heard nothing more since then.




Just for fun, I have started a POLL in the Open Forum to see what other folks say about the subject of quality.


Members only may vote. Check and see how others feel about this subject!



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I don't think your comment is blunt, but it is misinformed. Major manufactuers all over the world make their name brand product for certain segments of the worldwide market. That is why they can sell products in countries that have a low GDP per capita like Costa Rica. For example you can buy a BMW in Thailand or Malaysia that is actually made in Asia and not Germany. They cost a lot less than the German models and they also fall apart after 5 years. When I purchsed a GE refridgerator for my last home in Escazu, it broke down within 6 months. I called GE support in the states and they informed me that the model I had was for export to Latin America.

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