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arenal area


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i was just there with my kids and we really liked it for a vacation spot

i looked at a few homes and thought how over priced they where.

when i looked closer at the homes they are buit with 3 ft on center rafters and metal right on the rafter so these homes are no where near american built homes.

if any one knows of a small house in or around arenal or lafortuna for under 30k let me know.

i also talked to the locals and they told me that most of the propertys where over priced by 60 percent and i would be crazy to pay the asking price.

i would consider a buildable lot and build the house myself as im a builder.

every realtor said the same thing there is no way i will buy for that price, i see something different in costa rica ,,,,,,,,,,,,a big realestate crash/////////////////////////////////////

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Property values here, especially at the beach, seem ridiculous, but as people ARE paying the prices, they are clearly not overpriced. There is a never ending supply of people who will pay those prices as they are terrified of paying more later. Realtors are excellent at scaring folks into paying more. Overpriced? If they were, there would be no sales.


ARCR and most knowledegable people on the Forums warn NOT to buy a home until you have lived here a year and "learned" the system. Few pay attention and make easy targets for those selling real estate.


As for a crash? Unlikely for many many years. In another 2-3 years, the REAL baby boomers will descend on CR... and there are millions who have not yet realized they cannot live on their social security in the USA. THAT will drive prices higher or at minimum, keep them high.


As for the locals commenting... Don't put too much stock in that. They were priced out of their own market a long time ago.



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