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New Tax Laws

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medic4178    0

This may be premature to ask because not much is known yet, but here goes. I will be retiring to Costa Rica in the next year or two. I will be receiving a pension from my present job, which will be taxed by the United States before it is directly deposited into my bank account. Will this new tax law now tax my money again down in Costa Rica? I admit that I don't know enough yet about this new tax law but maybe you do. Thanks, in advance, for your help.


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rpiercy    0

Hi Ed,


You are right that it is still too early, but at a glance it appears there is an article added to try and prevent double taxation, as long as it is not from a tax haven....

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Dianne    0


the legislation has already been sent to Sala Cuarta, sort of like the supreme court,

and found to be unconstitutional.

This means the law they took many years to pass is not legal.

Even if a similar law were passed and found to be within the constitution,

no one knows how it could be enforced.

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