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Hello ICporter?


My Name is Annelise and I am a retired teacher with a keen interest in gardening. Ornamental more than vegetables. I am working on my second year in the garden at my house near Puriscal. The things that I brought down AFTER the first year were my gardening tools. It is worthwhile to have the best tools, including a "Garden Claw" as the soil is quite heavy for an elderly woman to cultivate. During the rains, it is wet and clinging and during the dry season it becomes hard and cracks. I have added sawdust and wood shavings from a local wood working shop, as well as composted leaves and worked them in well and this year it has been easier to cultivate.

As for seeds etc. almost everything is available here and we do have to be careful not to introduce species that might be invasive and interfere with the local flora.

Insects can be a real problem. 1. ALWAYS wear insect repellant when working in the garden. I find that sweat bands are also necessary as well as gloves. The thin vilyl ones available by the box of 100 inside cotton gloves seem to work well. 2. LEAFCUTTER ants and caterpillars that become the beautiful butterflies that I plant flowers to attract can decimate a bed of Hibiscus in one night. The local co-operative has the chemicals that are recommended here, but there are also natural ways to partially control the little critters.

Let me know the area that you intend to settle and maybe we can compare notes.

If you use the European watering system with the "click-on-and-off", bring extra fittings. Good, sharp shears and clippers are also essential.

Happy Gardening,



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