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Perhaps this may not be the correct place for this post..not sure...In my checking out to move to CR, & am coming next month to visit; I also wanted to know a bit about Panama. Seems logical to check out there too, since they are so very close to CR. I keep running into the wall of no one seems to know...I usually reference that CR has the CAJA for it's Citizens and us new Pensionados. What does Panama have? That seems to be a big mystery. Or everyone is rather closed mouth about it. It's just a bit bewildering, as CR is so very proud of their CAJA, & it appears rightly so. Yet Panama is a big mystery. I additionally awaiting on info from various Insurance agents, that purportedly 'specialize' in this area? What's up w/ that? In any event, I came here because I knew I would get the truth. Maybe I'm spinning my wheels checking out Panama @ all.. Thanx 2 all for your assistance.


peace, Duane

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A friend of mine is looking at Panama and he finds that they don't really have anything like the CAJA. Rather Pensionados and residents get discounts of up to 30-40 percent on their private medical system which is pretty good as the US pretty much set it up. He also thinks his company group insurance will cover him in Panama. It is a little vague. The problem with Panama seems to me that the nice places with some altitude ae quite a ways from Panama City where most of the medical services are. Unless you get some altitude I hear it is pretty hot.

Fred Holmesy

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