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There's a rather lot of paperwork and permissions required to import medicines into Costa Rica.

Have you tried checking with any of the larger private pharmacies in the Central Valley for you medicine?  One of them might have it.  Or they might have an equivalent compound for the medicine you need.

If the latter is the case then you will need to go to a CR doctor for an evaluation/exam to see if he will write you a scrip for the medicine you need.

 Have you done a search of the ARCR Forums archives here?  Importing medicines was discussed at some length only recently.

OK  —  HTH

Paul M.

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Paul's right. We just went through this but it may be difficult to find. And he's right again. Having a prescription filled for you in the U.S and then having it sent here entails a world of bureaucracy. 

Instead, you should be able to get a local Costa Rican physician to help you through an expedited process that only s/he can initiate. Just recently, a friend has gotten our local primary care physician to order a medication for her osteoporosis. It's not available here. It will take about two weeks to arrive. So if you have a primary care doc, ask if s/he can help. Our doctor is here in Grecia, but Steve Schweikert(sp?) had a similar experience with a doc in San Ramon, so this isn't a well kept secret. 

Otherwise, there may be an alternative medication that would work for you. Ask about that, too.


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