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Attn: TicoGrande,


Have searched thru archives w/o success. Have question about the member level/status as represented by blue boxes (one thru five boxes). How are these levels determined? I see new members with higher rating levels than long timers.


Also, how does the warning rating work?


Also, curious to know where your penguin logo went to; the blinking eye logo does get a little nervewracking after a while.


Enquiring minds and al that rot....


Best Regards,


Paul M.

[FYI - you may answer me off list if you like, afterwards removing this post]


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Hiya Paul,


There is nothing secret about the rating system... Just not sure anyone ever asked this before!


A Member gets boxes based on how active they are in the Forums... i.e. how many posts they have made. That is why a newer (active) Member may have a higher ranking that one of the older (not active) Members.


Here is the system:


Rank Posts


Newbie 0-2

New Member 3-9

Contributing Member 10-39

Advanced Member 40-99

Expert Member 100-199

Costa Rica Specialist 200 +


So theoretically, someone is an "Expert" after Posting 100 messages. Well, they are certainly an expert at Posting! :)


They also may well have learned a lot by living here in CR, by participating in the forums, or by asking or answering questions in these Forums.


Is someone really a "Costa Rica Specialist" after 200 Posts? Geez, I don't know. But presumably they had to do a lot of browsing/reading to reach that number, so they certainly must know something.


The idea is to encourage people to participate... ask or answer questions, as that is what makes a Forum such as this successful.


Generally, the people I know who have more than 40 posts are generally contributing to these Forums. At 35 Posts, you are a good example... answering other people and asking intelligent questions! You are a valuable contributor to the Forums.


While I may not always agree on Member's opinions, they do often offer viewpoints that get us all thinking.


As we now have more and more of these knowledgable Members, you may notice that (with the exception of Residency issues), Ryan and I are posting less.


These active Members are really adding to the content of these forums by accurately answering questions.


As for the blinking eye? I agree! Se Fue!



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