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Letting everyone know that my book "Clam Queen to Bijagua Gringa" is now available as a Kindle book on Amazon.  It's the story of life in a tiny fishing village on the west coast of Florida and my move to Costa Rica and my early life here. 

I arrived in Cedar Key,  Florida in 1985 and found it to be a place I wanted to live.  Full of eccentric characters, artists and fishermen, it was an isolated village, 4 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico.  But over time, it became "gentrified" and lost most of what made it so attractive to me.  Spending a vacation in Costa Rica got me thinking about a "new life" and after several trips, I bought a 3-hectare  "parcela" and thus began my life in Costa Rica where I have lived ever since 2002.  Lots of Costa Rican  adventures but no "gory details" of legalities or anything like that.  Just all of my wonderful (and a few awful) experiences. 

Pura Vida!


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Hey! This is a really nice book, Eleanor.  Not sure why you waited so long to publish it.

I started reading it last night and am enjoying it a lot.

Back in the mid-70s I visited Cedar Key with a Tampa friend who was an avid birder to go birding with her and saw the village before the gentrification you mention had begun.  From my experience on that long ago visit it is plain to me why you liked it so much.  It was truly a quaint comfy place back then.

Paul M.

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Thanks, Paul.  I'm tempted to say "Aw, shucks" and dig my toe in the floor, but because I am all grown up, I will refrain.  Glad you are enjoying the reading.  I figured an old Florida hand like you would like reading about "old" Florida!  😊

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