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Want to leave the forums?

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Too bad.  You can't!  The forums are like the Hotel California.  You can check in but you can never leave.

Now for all of you living in the USA and who have lost your sense of humor or are so goofy with political correctness etc:

That was a JOKE!!  Sort of.

In the often unexplained world of programmers, those good folks failed to give you a way to leave the forums. We almost never get requests to leave but we do get questions how to stop the notifications.

So... here is how!

In order to remove all subscriptions, do the following once signed in as them.

  1. Account setting>notification settings - Uncheck the top 3 items
  2. This is the one people usually miss. Go to "manage followed content", select all items, and delete.

That's it.  You will never hear from us!



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1 hour ago, David C. Murray said:

Even a "tangential reference" (in the eyes of some (one, actually)) can get you booted

Which, David, is why we encourage the members to familiarize themselves with the Forums' posting Guidelines.

Saves a everyone lot of grief!

Paul M. – Forums Moderator


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