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Paul, if you are "anxious to make a post" then why not start a discussion about some of the things swirling around Costa Rica and inside Costa Rica?

1.  World Cup

2.  Keylor Navas - Costa Rica team and Real Madrid

3.  Situation in Nicaragua and how it affects Costa Rica

4.  Is there more tourism this June?

5.  Hurricane forecasts for 2018 and effect on Costa Rica

6.  Costa Rica relationship with US

7.  Costa Rican boy found alone in the Arizona desert

8.  Will prices go up in Costa Rica now that so many trucks are stuck in Nicaragua?

9.  What will happen with my gasoline-powered car now that Costa Rica is heading towards not using fossil fuels?

10.  What do our forum members think is the biggest headline about Costa Rica in the past week?

Come on, people.  There's more to life than acquiring or renewing residency and questions about the Caja.  😁

Bonus question:  Any good wildlife sightings this past week?  (Yes, including snakes....)   

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Because at the time, Eleanor, it appeared that no messages were getting thru to the Forums and that none had been for about a week.

And that, simply put, was the reason for that post: To hopefully atrract some posts to see whether any of them were getting thru.  (Terry's did.)

And that as the story goes is the News From Lake Wobe  . . . .


Paul M. 


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It's not lack of interest, just lack of time and energy at the moment.

And yes, this forum probably needs to evolve a bit, but I think there may be a more fundamental problem. It seems to me that there are many N Americans that really don't want to know anything about Costa Rica other than how to get by. These folks mostly just want to talk to other folks like themselves. These conversations often turn into semi paranoid complaint fests that are beyond tedious, and generally end up violating the rules of the forums.

The other large group are the generally well asimilated who speak Spanish, have Tico friends, and who don't care much any more about other gringos per se and their self inflicted problems.

And then we have the newbies who come here for information, and some for "like minds", who can jump into either group, or give up and go back.

The first group is tedious, at best. The second are all busy living their lives. So, only the newbies are generating any new posts, and these are often repetitive.

The way forward is to get group 2 more active, but I'm not sure how you do that.

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Well, I wrote a long and erudite answer (haha) to your reply but then decided "Why the hell am I bothering." and didn't post it. 

I've learned a lot of things from this forum over the years but if there is so little interest in discussions about "all things Costa Rican" or how things elsewhere in the world affect us in Costa Rica, then I'm out.  I can take only so many, as you say, repetitive questions about how to acquire residency and where to live and how much does it cost to live.  And where's a good place to eat in San Jose. 


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I haven't given up, Eleanor, I've just been really busy lately. I'm more than happy to discuss/share about the issues of the day here. Let's give it a go in another thread or two. I think what Carlos et al have been trying to do is really interesting, and important.

Oh and I could give a rat's culo where to eat in Chepe, but that's just me.

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