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These Forums are open to anybody but we do have some pretty simple rules to follow when registering.  Failure to follow the rules means no admittance,

First, read this http://forums.arcr.net/index.php?/guidelines/

OK... Didn't get the link after registering?  Check your SPAM folder.  Often there are issues if you are using AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail.  We suggest GMAIL.

We do NOT permit the use of ANY proxy servers, VPNs etc. when registering nor do we permit ANY inaccuracies. NONE.  After you have successfully registered, VPNs etc are just fine.  We suggest that you do not register from a cell phone or tablet or from the workplace if they use a VPN or proxy server.

If you are in Cleveland when you are registering, don't give an address in San Francisco. i.e Do not use a different city from where you are physically located.

All fields must completed accurately and completely.  NO phony names, sexual names, etc. YOUR name, spelled correctly.

The phone number must be a working number that you answer.  We often do call to verify. ANYWHERE.  This should be a number that you answer personally or just fine if an office/company.

ANY inaccuracies will be cause for denial.

Approvals are done by volunteers who are not able to sit by and wait for you to register.  Approvals are normally granted within 1-2 days and  3-4 days at worst. After that, please feel free to inquire.

We get MANY fake registrations every day. Many wish to do harm to the Forums or its Members.  This is how we protect us.


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