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[Please ask for more photos.]

ASTOUNDING VIEWS! Quiet countryside surroundings. This large property (around 5 acres / 20,000m2) is a well looked after and maintained property with so much more room to expand. The house is about 1,200 ft2. It's located about 6 miles straight up the hill from Sarchi on Calle Matamoros, past San Pedro to just above a village (situated about 1 mile up from the church in Trojas) named San Jose de Trojas (Trojas for short). Trojas sits just below the Finca Dos Lados Cloud Forest Retreat: http://www.fincadoslados.com

The road is paved up to the property and the property goes all the way down the valley to River Trojas. Being on the Central American Continental Divide, at about 5,400 ft high (1,650 meters), it can get cool at night. Most days are just perfect at about 78° and, even during Rainy Season, the sun shines warmly almost every morning until early afternoon.

There are a couple of waterfalls further up that the Tourists don't know about.

All furniture and appliances in the home will be left for the new owner.

Owner finance considered. The property is legally Titled. You can either buy the Corporation with the property or buy the property from the Corporation... your choice.

There's a local store about half a mile down and a bus stops around there once or twice an hour.

The water is local NOT city water and costs only max $10 per month. Electricity only about $30 per month. Municipality Tax is only about $200 per year and includes land tax and trash collection. 

There are many opportunities for day trips from our home. For some examples here are some links: Go to the region map and another example:


and another example here is the tiny town of Bajos del Toro:

GPS Lat/Lon for the house: 10°09'27.9"N 84°18'20.2"W

This 2 x 10,000m2 adjacent to each other and will only be sold together (one has the house on it). This means you could sell one of them if you wish.

The town of Sarchi, also known as the "safest town in Costa Rica" is a famous Artisan town, famous for its unique, beautiful and colourful painting and furniture making:


Only about 45 minutes from San Jose International Airport and about 1.5 hours to the nearest beach (Puntarenus).

There is a hospital in Sarchi. And, should anyone have any medical concerns a helicopter pickup can be pre-arranged for any emergency out of Pavas Airport. The chopper could be there in just a very few minutes (and can land on the property also).

The home was originally a barn on this huge piece of land. Purchased in 2005 and remodeled to what it is today. It has decent Internet, hot water, a washer and dryer, landline and another system for free calls to the US and Canada. It has two bathrooms and two bedrooms. The top floor is a huge bedroom with closet and full bathroom with a shower. A modern kitchen is located on the first floor.

A local family are maintaining the property and are absolutely wonderful. They are very hard working farmers. We let them run a cow or two on our land as well as grow radishes, cilantro, chilli peppers, corn, potatoes and coffee. They speak zero English but will try to assist you in any way possible.

[Please ask for more photos.]

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