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To fully utilize these forums, you must first register. Almost every week we decline applications mostly because the person failed to read the small print, but here are some other important things to know:

We do NOT permit the use of ANY proxy servers, VPNs etc. when registering nor do we permit ANY inaccuracies. NONE

VPNs are fine after you are registered.

If it asks for your location you must enter that location where you are at that instant. example:  If you are in the USA, do not enter Costa Rica. If you qare in Chicago, do not enter a city in Indiana.

Yahoo and Hotmail are pretty awful email services with lots of blocking issues.  If you did not receive the confirmation email, use a quality email service.  GMAIL seldom causes issues.

All fields must completed accurately and completely.

If required, the phone number that you provide must be a working number that you answer. 

Not answering that phone number causes you to be deleted.

We suggest that you do not register from a cell phone or tablet or from the workplace if they use a VPN or proxy server.  Most companies use VPNs so careful registering from work.

ANY inaccuracies will be cause for denial and you will have to re-register.




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