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I'm excited to announce that my esposo just passed his US citizenship test & interview!  Huzzah!!!  In about two weeks we'll have his oath and then we apply for his passport and then he's a GRINGO!  While this was a hugely frustrating and expensive process, my CR residency is still pending...:rolleyes:


With his new gringo passport we have the ability to move out of the USA without ever having to reapply for visas again!  Costa Rica as a more permanent location may or may not be in our future.  My esposo gets horribly homesick, but he knows financially it makes more sense for us to stay up here.  We'll see where life takes us.  But for now, the world is our oyster!


(And since he's dual, he can still go to Brazil visa free!) 

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Congrats. La Migra in the States can be a real pain. I have never known anyone who has had a good experience, even when the outcome was good. Your patience has been rewarded. So now you all are a TicoGringo and a GringaTica.

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