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Zarcero property a general price range back in 1993


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Thanks for your reply!

Yes the city office will have the price I paid, I have my contract of sale and documents from the government.  But I am now pretty sure I paid more then it was worth.  What I am looking for is an approximate real price for the land back in 1993.




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Phil, you are looking for the value of a piece of land in Zarcero in 1993?  Twenty four years later?  In my mind, whatever you paid is what it was.  Why would you even undertake a quest to find out how much that land was "really" worth?

My advice would be -- if you are determined to pursue this -- to contact a local real estate agent or a real estate agent that handles property in Zarcero.  They might -- MIGHT -- be able to help you.  But property values can vary widely based on specific location so "farm land 1/2 a mile from the highway" is probably not good enough.  The other option would be to go to neighbors of that property and see if you can find out anything from them.  Someone might have bought/sold similar property in that neighborhood in that time frame.

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