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Greetings -

My wife and I are residents of Tennessee and have visited CR many times.  We have made the decision to retire in Tamarindo and are beginning the process - very slowly.  I will retire next year and we are in the process of building our residence.  By all accounts, it appears that this could take 18 months from now to complete construction.  So, I am just beginning the process of looking for options to rent in the Tamarindo area.  Ideal situation would be to 'house sit' for someone for a period of 2 to 3 months beginning January 2018.  Yes, I know it is a long way off but wanted to start the discovery process now and see what options to consider.  Thank you.

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I have used Trusted Housesitters to find a house sitter and it works really great.  You can at least register there and see what happens.  But as Jeffery pointed out, January is a very busy month in Tamarindo so you might not find much of anything.

Consider renting something for that month that is a little out of town.  You might have better luck in Villareal, for instance.

Not sure why your house will take 18 months to build unless it is Tom Brady/Mel Gibson mansion type or there's a maritime concession involved.  That seems like a really long time.

Good luck with your quest and I hope your move and construction don't make you too frazzled.

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