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Suppling Electricity and Water to RAW Land


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Sometime in 2002 it was decided by someone in authority to bring municipal water into the town of Bello Oriente in Coto Brus. One neighbour donated the top of one of his hills on which the tower is to be erected. A committee was formed to organize fundraising activities and work parties in order to facilitate installation. It would cost about $400.00 US for each household to have the pipes installed and water connected. As this is a formidable amount for Tico families in the area, they could pay in installments and provide labour on the project to keep costs down. Two households in the area could afford the entire cost ( my husband and I being one, and Beto being the other). Fortunately for the town, we live at one end of the village and Beto at the other end. We paid up front so the pipe will extend through the entire town and connecting all the other houses will be easy once these folks have paid their share.

Fundraising events have taken place regularly since 2003 but in 2004, it was discovered that the treasurer wasn't keeping any record of funds received or spent. When they finally caught her red-handed, she was kicked off the committee. (She was the wife of our ex-partner and I was surprised they put up with her for as long as they did!)

Finally, the word came that construction was to begin in September of 2004. Arrangments were made for housing the engineer of the project and the fundraising events continued.

Next, we were told it was to be January of 2005 for sure! In April we were heard that things would start happening soon...( define "soon"?).

As I type, our house still gets its washing and bathroom water from rain and drinking water is from a well. No tower or pipe installations have materialized yet. It's all happening on Tico time.

This has been our experience with utilities in Costa Rica so far.


I read somewhere that, apparently, if you bottle water in a clear plastic or glass bottle and leave it in the sun for at least three hours, the UV rays will kill off all the nasty things and make it safe to drink. Does anyone know if this is true?


Barbara. :rolleyes:

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