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Over recent months I have noticed a substantial decrease in posting to Scott Oliver's 11 year old forum - and even more obvious since he sold it. Actually, I see only 3 posting in 2 weeks, whereas when I first joined it there were dozens per day. I know there are several ARCR posters who were on, then left, Scott's forum. I'm wondering if there were philosophical disagreements with the content, or just natural evolution [the new format is "difficult"] leading to extinction.

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For my part, there certainly were philosophical differences with the content. The forum generally became a magnet for conspiracy theories some of which had their origins with Scott and others from forum participants. The forum lost it's Costa Rica orientation in favor of nonsensical rants about things that had neither happened nor would ever happen. Scott might have reined all that in, but then that would have been out of character for him.


Too, I was put off by Scott's frequent and baseless attacks on Israel. Certainly, Israel has not always behaved admirably, but Scott went out of his way to slip one into any conversation he could.


And then there were his largely baseless attacks on government in all its forms. To read his stuff, one would believe that it is the fault of government that we have national defense, public health, infrastructure, scientific research, and myriad other features of modern life that no other entity could have created.


Instead of continuing in its original vein of a congenial place to discuss things Costa Rican, Scott and his ilk transformed the forum into an experiment in mindless ugliness. It was too much for me.

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Wait... Ambassador Haney is Jewish?  Who knew?  I know he is black so I thought that would be the "racist rant" of choice.  Why would anyone care?  His religion (or race or sex) should have nothing to do with his Ambassadorship. 

And yeah, I would NOT want to be associated with ANY website or forum that allows any kind of racist or "religionist" posts. 

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