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Gathering pensionado documents

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TheHaleys    0

I have started gathering our required paperwork and not sure if my pension letter from my company stating that it will be paid until were deceased is adequate. Another question I have is about the requirement that it be paid in Costa Rica. If you cant open an account until your a resident how do you prove that? When speaking of copies of passports do you just need to photocopy the picture and info page?

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induna    0

The letter has to state that the pension is payable for life. It must be notarized and apostilled. If the pension is from a private company, it is up to Migración whether or not they will accept it.


The pension does not need to be deposited into a Costa Rican bank, although you no longer have to be a resident to open a bank account. That was changed in the middle of last year.


You must submit a copy of your entire passport with your application.

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