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Invasion From the South(Not Talking Mexico)

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Many people have a "dream." Live off the grid; move to Costa Rica and raise coffee; live at the beach, etc.


But how many of those people can actually see the reality? Living off the grid sounds great: simple, basic, environmentally-friendly. But the reality is that it is a real commitment and each day brings another difficulty. Typically, these people want to live in a remote area that is not easy to get to. How many times will they get stuck on that dirt road before they give up? :)


We've all seen "The Dream" here on the forum. I remember one guy who wanted to move to Costa Rica and buy a mango plantation and raise and sell mangoes to make a living. Sigh.


People have different reasons for returning to the US after living in Costa Rica -- lucybelle and esposo have their reasons, for instance, that mostly have to do with having various experiences. Sometimes it's the pressure of family and often, it's just a disenchantment with the life they are living in Costa Rica which happened to be far different from what they imagined.


I know of one guy who got ripped off right and left and then started a forum on a Costa Rica group and pretty much everything he wrote was bitter. His goal was to sell everything and leave Costa Rica. I don't know what happened because I stopped following long ago. Rip-offs do happen, but happily, not to everyone.

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Just yesterday, a Tico friend who sells real estate... :rolleyes: ...specializing in large farms and/or ranches, and a American who he was doing some additional business with and who had purchased a very large piece of property with large building on it, (the former Aloe Vera site) filled with various pieces of equipment, office furniture, A/C's etc. returned to find it totally empty. This was not the agreement, but the brother-in-law of one of the owners, on his own, removed everything, including light bulbs.


This morning, lawyers started proceedings against him. Luckily the new owner had photos of every room in the building.

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A friend of mine has an extremely large property in the far north central part of Costa Rica, not far from the Nica border. It's a very old titled land-grant that is even shown on most maps. It has teak, hardwoods and some protected species of tree in quantities rarely seen nowadays. He's been advertising it for sale on a few web sites for a some years but, due to it's size and the resulting price (multi-millions), it hasn't generated much interest and he's in zero hurry to sell. But about 18 months ago, a prospect appeared and began negotiations while my friend was in the States. Back and forth it went over price and terms until it seemed that a agreement was in sight. Substantial earnest money was supposedly in transit from a mid-eastern bank, all done over the internet - when my friend received a panicked call from his trusted manager who lives on the property. By then my friend was back in Costa Rica and easily contacted. The manager was worried that the property had been sold (he knew a possible sale was pending) because a crew of 50 or so loggers with 10 transporters and a crane had appeared saying that the "new owners" had told them to start cutting down trees. My friend naturally told his man to stand fast - place had NOT been sold - and call in the other "hands" - about 100 live on and around the place. Jose dispatched someone to ring the big old hacienda bell - maybe the first time in 50 years that bell had been rung - the hands came a-runnin'. The stand-off was short and the out-manned loggers retreated. The "earnest" money never appeared and the "agent" and the "prospect" disappeared from the internet. This was a well-constructed and elaborate scam, the internet IP credentials were seemingly valid, the phone numbers seemed to be where they were said to be located and working. Business fronts had been constructed. If the property manager had been unable to reach my friend that day, we estimate their haul would have been a at least a million. And the trees would have faded into Nicaland. Pura Vida.

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