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Does anyone know anything about the reputation and/or quality of homes built by the company Eco Casas?



Hi Marcyira, I investigated this company and talked to them personally last year.

What I have to say is neither an endorsement nor a warning - just information I gathered. I can't even guarantee all of it is true, just what I was told. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way here's my info of questionable value. LOL.


They do have a web site listed under Eco Casas. They are an offshoot of Maderas Kodiak as I understand it and the wood is treated with a process that I think is guaranteed for some period of time not to be eaten by insects. Maderas Kodiak has been in business for some time but as I understand it, EcoCasas was formed more recently.


I can't swear to it but was told the wood they used is MicroPro Treated. If you buy from anyone I would ask for Proof that it is. Because if it is, it sounds pretty good to me. To find out about MicroPro treated lumber do a search for What is MicroPro Treated Lumber? - Osmose Wood Preserved Lumber


I was really wanting to build with them BUT their prices seemed a bit high and the guy at Maderas Kodiak was very very hard to reach by phone or internet. The guys at EcoCasas were very hard to pin down in answering certain questions. Your mileage may vary.


But the main reasons I didn't go with them were the price and the designs they had to offer, none of which I really liked well enough. You can use your own design but that could get complicated as this is a pre-fab type system and your designer would have to work with them on the specs to make it fit the design.


I went with a local builder and used Panacor Structurally Integrated Panels to build with which are light weight and pre-cut to your design (within reason of course) and have been used for many years. If you need specific info I can provide it via private messaging. This .form of building is somewhat "eco" because no trees die to build it and there are no chemical issues that I have heard about. It was recommended to me by a guy who did a lot of research on SIP panels and was looking for an "eco" home. If you do build with SIPS, I'd stay away from a guy named Trevor as he has many things going against him in my humble opinion and I'd be willing to share that info via private messaging.


I drove by a Eco Casa model recently and I still like the way the wood looks, and would really like to build a house of wood if I were convinced it were truly "eco" and truly anti-termite or other bugs, and if I had the money to build it with my own design. Those are a lot of Ifs though.

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