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DanaJ    0

Eleanor, it will be interesting to see what the embassy says, I would guess that if you are still a US citizen, you may be required to keep a US passport for foreign travel. But let us know what they say.

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Epicatt2    0

What I last heard, Dana, was that if a US citizen were to go to the embassy and ask to renounce his citizenship that the embassy personnel would tell him to go home and think about it for a few days before returning and asking to formally file a request.


And the filing fee that Eleanor (I believe) mentioned which is assessed has recently been hugely increased to, IIRC, somewhere between US$2K to $3K bucks!


Then if your request is approved I'm almost positive that you are required to surrender your passport. You will also be assessed somethng like a 30% surcharge on all your US asssets & holdings as a penalty for renouncing your citizenship.


After that, even as an ex-citizen, the IRS requires you to file taxes with them for up to ten years after your renouncement.


All that sounds to me purposely off-putting on the part of the US. For me I'd have to reallyreallyrealy hate the US to renounce my citizenship (cuz I'm way too cheap to just surrender all that money to them).


Anyway, that's my opinion of the whole shebang. [sigh]




Paul M.


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eleanorcr    0

Dana - I've already looked into giving up my passport. There is very explicit information available. The only way they refuse is if you have no passport from another country which would make you "stateless." No one can "require" you to keep a passport. I could just throw it in the garbage - or over the fence at the Embassy. But renouncing citizenship is really what I am talking about.


As I wrote before -- I have no assets in the US. No property; no bank account; no credit card; no driver's license. My life is totally and completely in Costa Rica. Yes, I do visit family in the US and that would be the only "issue" if it would be very difficult or impossible to get a visa after renouncing my citizenship.


So the only financial issue would be paying the fee which is around $2400 (info provided by Induna).


I'm sure that people think this is an expensive and useless exercise, but they said the same thing when I picketed the Senate Office Building in 1970 (and go arrested haha).

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DanaJ    0

I would just toss the US pp if you have CR citizenship and a CR pp. But paying $2400 just to renounce your US would probably be a financial burden.

Just let it go....

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