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corporation back taxes and registering a car


1. I have paid 2 put of the 4 years I have in back taxes


2. would I be prevented from registering a car in my private name (not my corporation name)


if I have not paid the back taxes?



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Is your car currently registered in the name of your corporation?


If so, I seriously doubt you could just register it in your name. It is an "asset" of the corporation and you would probably have to get it changed through the registro. This is something a lawyer needs to do for you.


Have you not paid the marchamo for your car? You're not driving it, are you? :unsure:

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Sorry, Dennis, but your first post was not clear. Thanks for providing some pertinent details.


If you buy a car in your name, you can certainly register it in your name and your tax situation with your corporation has no bearing. They don't "punish" you for being behind in your taxes by not allowing you to buy and register a car.


Good to know you are clearing up the old taxes. I know you will be relieved when that is done.

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re: corporations:


as I mentioned before, I had a 20 year old corporation in costa rica

it had no books, no assets and no associated business


I did not know there were new taxes, as of a new law in 2012 or so


when I went on line to the national registry, I could login and click on

Impuerto Juridicas ,



(sorry about spelling) and it would tell me all the years of taxes and what I owed.


4 years, from 2012-2015 inclusive.


In the last 8 months, I have paid 3 of those years, almost 900.00


I only had 2015 left to pay


But...when I logged in today, it no longer shows any information for me


it told me this:



Delinquency Public Inquiry

Law No. 9024 Tax on Legal Entities

The class of legal person indicated is not subject to collection.

Important Notice: The Bank of Costa Rica was authorized to pay delinquent periods individually, in order of seniority.



does anyone know what this may mean?


I emailed my lawyer, but he does not always respond to email questions


I am going to BCR today and ask if they know,




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Solved. maybe


Just got back from BCR

they said that the national registry

site is undergoing upgrades and maybe

that is why i got that message.


BCR was able to see my account properly

on their screen and i paid my last year

of back taxes.

now i know that the co rporation tax police are not looking for me. lol

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well this is interesting...


now after I paid the last of my back taxes,

I can see a normal page in the national registry site on my account


but it says the following, which makes no sense in google translate..

if you k ow, please let me know, it looks like I have no periods pending to pay, and the corporation was dissolved?




here it is:




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I think I found a translation, when I did it word by word


it says:


business name: Dreamscape
anonymous company

no periods pending
this estate dissolved by law 9024,

up to date


i guess that means I am paid up


and they already dissolved my corporation and I dont have to pay to have it dissolved myself?


thanks again

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