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It is still working its way through the asemblea, but I believe it will ultimately pass. The current proposal will reduce the tax on inactive SAs to around 60 mil, and will create a sliding fee for active SAs based on their revenues. Since almost all the proceeds go to the police, and there is a significant crime wave caused by narcos in the GAM, there is a lot of pressure to pass it. JMHO.

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I agree with you, Induna. That "sliding fee" thing was a good change they made to the original bill that had a flat fee. One newspaper article I read pointed out that a Mom and Pop tienda would pay the same as WalMart. And really, no one should complain about paying 60,000 colones a year to keep their SA. But... of course... someone will!

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And really, no one should complain about paying 60,000 colones a year to keep their SA. But... of course... someone will!


I would complain, but then I dropped my awhile ago when CR started all this bull. Really most folks don't need a corporation, including mom and pop.

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I was soon going to start paying my back taxes on my old old old corp[oration , so I can dissolve it afterwards.




1. have they re-instituterd the tax already?


the reason I ask is when I go login to the registry at my corporation


it shows back taxes owing of about 550,000 Colones


for 4 years, 2012-2015


I thought that people only had to pay for 3 years


maybe I am confused


2. I know now how to pay my CAJA online using my banco nacional online account


can I pay corporate taxes on line too?


what buttons would I click on after I log in?







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Dennis, it may be possible to pay online now but it wasn't the last time I paid corporate taxes (before they suspended them).


I would suggest going to BCR (if you're in country) with the corporation cedula juridica number and ask a teller how much you owe. You aren't required to actually pass over the money, but you'll know what is due. If it is the 550,000 that Registro reports, you can pay, be current, and keep the receipt! Then dissolve the corporation before the end of this year.


Note: without the corporate books it will take the lawyer longer because they must re-create the books and have them approved by the Registro before they can dissolve the corporation. I would assume at least 2 months (not counting holidays) for an on-the-ball lawyer, but it could take longer depending on your lawyer. Do it now and avoid another year of taxes.

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I would consider checking with another trusted attorney on the price for dissolving a corporation. I used a guy who generally is "expensive" and he did it all for around $500 u.s. as I recall.

Lawyer prices on some things vary widely.


I have been told a specially notarized document cost $60 and then went to another attorney who did it for $15. and even gave me a 2nd copy free which the other was charging $10 extra for.


My approach would be to not say you have an attorney already, go to another attorney and ask the questions you asked here.
It could be that it does dissolve itself but I also wonder if the unpaid corporation would in any way affect your buying a property in your own name. My guess is it would not. But it's just a guess.


Just my 2 colones.

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My current lawyer would have to create the books because I do not have them


He is not the same lawyer who started my corporation back in the 90's


I have copies of all the papers, and those things that look like Postage stamps on a page


but I do not remember any books.


I cannot find the original lawyer


so I will have to get my current lawyer to do them



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I know there are several people on this forum who have built homes in Costa Rica. I have built three. Whether it saves money or not will depend on a number of things - mainly, how you build it and how you "finish" it. Are you going to use those $50 faucets or the $350 faucets? Are you going to use $10 a square meter ceramic tile or are you going to use custom-made $30 a square meter ceramic tile?


Mainly, building a house means you get to specify how it is laid out and what it contains. But it is a LOT MORE trouble than just buying a house that suits you.


As for a "good contractor" -- where would you be building your new house? I know several good contractors but they only work in the area where I live which is far away from the GAM. To find a contractor, you can ask Costa Rican friends; ask at a hardware store that sells building materials; drive around and look for houses under construction and see who the builder is; consider a prefab house from a reputable company. And, of course, you should get some answers here.

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