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Corporation dissolving and real estate


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Has anyone ever had an old corporation years ago and let it alone for years?


I had a corporation more than a decade ago. I never used it. I



I did not know that now you pay taxes on it. Years ago. you did not have to.


Mine is 3 years in the rears. I never was given minutes or books or whatever you are supposed to have on it.


Now I am worried thyat if I ever but real estate in CR, there may be ab issue.




My lawyer told me that after 3 years the CR govt. will dissolve the corp automatically


but its still in question what will happen.


I am inclined to pay the 3 years of tax and then dissolve it formally


any ideas on this?









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I just looked up several "persona juridica" (corporations) that I knew were active or formally dissolved by a lawyer. That is what they show "inscrita" and "liquidada".


If the taxes haven't been paid, it was widely reported (several years ago), that they enforced the taxes by not permitting actions to the corporation in the Registro. That would prevent changing owner/board membership, selling/buying, other official updates including dissolution.


Doppelt, could you report what you find for a "no taxes paid for a long time" corporation?


Update: for those unfamiliar, the attached .pdf shows briefly how to check the Registro for corporations. (It has reduced resolution to meet the 500Kb file limit for posting...)


Registro - check corporations.pdf

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I am confused


where do you want me to seach for 'no taxes paid for a long time" corporation?'


here in this forum?


2. are you saying that I cannot dissolve my corporation? or maybe not just by myself


my lawyer said that he can dissolve it for a fee, but I would have to pay the back taxes



I will look at this document


there is a video on youtube on how to look at the registry also


I will be buying real; estate in the future as a private person, as long as this old corporation does not hinder that



I will gladly pay the fees and dissolve it








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I checked the registry


it said that I was registerd, that's all:





I did not see any way to check if I had back taxes, whatever



PS: I found this article:


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Dennis, I'm sorry I wasn't more clear in the descriptions. I was interested in whether yours was in a different status.

  • You'd said you would look up your corporation on the Registro website to "see what it says"
  • I'd checked the Registro for status of current and dissolved corporations, to note how they appeared ("inscrita" and "liquidada")
  • I suggested that you report how yours appears, assuming it had been marked as not having paid the taxes, and it still appears "inscrita"

The brief PDF was for those that might not be aware you can look up "personas juridicas" online.


In the PDF it also indicates how to check whether "personas juridicas" have outstanding taxes via "Impuesto personas juridicas". That is where you could check if it shows outstanding taxes on the corporation.


Again, sorry for the confusion.


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the pdf was helpful, more than the video, cause I printed it out and followed it


yes, my corp[oration says its still registered


and there 'is' another place to chack, I did not see it


my lawyer just emailed me a screen capture, and it showed me a summary of all my back taxes from 2011, to 2015


I have to pay about 1000.00 to be able to dissolve the corporation, which I will do


I also have to pay 200.00 to file a letter to get my corporate books (whatever those are)


before I file a dissolution form.


I have lots of time, I can't afford it right now, but at least I know that I won't be charged anymore taxes after 2015

after the new laws came into effect.




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