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Can any of you learned technoids out there help me with this? For the past three days, whenever I've tried to get into Hot Mail, I've been told "The specified server cannot be found".

This has happened once or twice in the past when I've tried to get into this forum but within a few hours everything is fine again.

Is this a problem with my computer or is the problem at the Hot Mail end of the pipe? Is there anything I can do about it? Thanks for your assistance.


Barbara :rolleyes:

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Hi TG!

You mean I've become yet another techno-victim statistic? AAAAAH!!!

Actually, I've got some poor fellow from Bell Sympatico patiently trying to untangle this delema. So far, he has an endless list of questions but I'm sure an answer or two will emerge from him one day. Just another learning experience! :huh:


Barbara :rolleyes:

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