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Hey Lucy, this may be TMI, but here goes . . . .


I Googled your question and this article popped up:


Can You Buy Powerball Tickets Online? A Full Map Of Where To Buy Tickets, And Warning About Online Sellers




It has the answers to some –maybe most– of your questions.


Now, having read thru the article I hadn't realized that we could buy lottery tix online, which just goes to show how long it has been since I bought one here in Tampa.


Also I never realized that it was a better idea to let the computer pick your numbers randomly, but it makes sense from the explanation in the article.


I do recall one time a number of years back when one of the local TV stations invited a local University (USF) professor, who had a Finance & Budgeting background to explain about buying multiple lottery tickets: Did buying a whole lot of tickets increase ones chances of winning?


The prof's comment was that buying two tickets did double your chances over just buying one ticket. But then she went on to explain that while your chances of winning were further increased slightly by buying up to five tickets those chances were not really much improved by buying more than five tickets.


I thought that was a good thing to learn so that I wouldn't unwisely go out and spend extra dollars on extra lottery tickets that would not significantly increase my chances of winning. Now I feel glad that that interview saved me a lot misspent of dollars which would not have created a win for me.


When looking back over the years I did regularly play I actually only ever won four times on 3 numbers and once on 4 numbers, and the total payout for me for those few wins was not even $100 dollars, so it seems just as well that I saved my dollars instead of buying extra tix!


Still, the anticipation alone of winning big makes buying all those tickets a worthwhile excitement for a lot of people. There's many who do go out and spend some major fistfulls of bucks in that hope!


¡Buena Suerte!


Paul M.


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Dear Unsigned.


Well the Powerball Jackpot is listed on their site this morning (JAN 12th) at $1.4 Billion! So with that much to win Jessica shoud be able to buy a couple of elections, locally anyway, and possibly have a bunch left over afterwards to play with.


The jackpot is so large that the billboards along the roadways here in Florida don't have enough slots to fit the whole Jackpot amount into so they're maxed out, showing $999 Million.


Haven't decided if i'm gonna buy a ticket yet, since Jessica seems primed to win, anyway. [ G ]



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I've won twice in CR.


Once years ago a chance that paid off about $4.00 US.


The second time was about four years ago that paid something like $29.00 US.


I think I have played CR's lottery only about five times ever.


That makes for a much better return than the Florida Lottery which I played in the past more times that than I can possibly remember.


¡Pura Suerte!



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With all the frenzy around the power ball I read something interesting the other day. If you were to win any large amount, wait a few days to claim it then start calling friends and relatives and say you've had an unexpected hardship come up and could you borrow $500.00. The ones that turn you down would maybe be to embarrassed to ask you for money when they find out you won

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