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US congress approves Highway fuding bil which icludes IRS Provisions

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Just noticed that the US congress passed a new highway funding bill which passed with bipartisan support and Obama says he will sign and approve it. While I do not drive US highways nor use trains or public transport there etc I think this may be a good measure to inject money into infrastructure.


However as these politicians have a habit of doing (think FACTA in 2010 inserted into a labor bill) they like to inject into these new laws things that may have nothing to do with the main purpose of the legislation.


As I had made mention to before in another thread included in this bill based on my reading of news articles are two things we should all be aware of.


Nobody here is a tax cheat (?) but be aware that this new law included approval for private collection agencies to go after people who they think owe money in taxes. More importantly if they (The IRS ) decides someone owes $50.000.00 or more in back taxes (which includes obscene IMHO fines and interest) They can summarily decide that the person in question can not renew or get a US passport until the IRS is satisfied that the debt is paid.


Please make sure you are up to date and paid up. Not having a passport of course can be a big bummer and not at all Pura Vida.


Read more here and google more if interested





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I agree that people who owe more than $50,000 of taxes should be paying up!!!


I filed my taxes with the USA every year I lived in CR. I was making a CR salary so of course I didn't have to pay anything, but taxes were filed. If you break the law (ie- not pay your taxes on time or at all) there should be a consequence. It's not like taxes are a surprise or anything. Plus you can get up to a SIX MONTH extension in filing your taxes. There's no excuse. I've been filing taxes on my meagerly earnings since I was 16.

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