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What kind of fish are we eating?

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Unfortunately, humans are responsible for over fishing many species to the point where their populations cannot be sustained. At the present rate of catch and bycatch the oceans are losing. We watched BBC film an episode about overfishing while in Puerto Jimenez in June. There are so many fisheries that have collapsed or are collapsing because of overfishing..the anchoveta in Peru, the sardines in Central California coast, Pacific salmon, blue fin tuna, Orange Ruffy, etc. Shrimp trawlers scrape the sea bed and leave it barren. What we call resources are finite, and even with the variety of laws to protect them, the difficulty of managing is massive. Note the recent 1000 meters of netting that was recovered in the Gulf of Nicoya, and the pirating of boats and motors. Not to mention the constant vigilance needed to protect Cocos Island..Multiply those around the world, include the enslaved people in Thailand fisheries..Dorado caught in Asia and sold in California Safeway is too small to be reproductively viable. We try as best we can to only eat products that are as sustainable, but it is very difficult. We stopped buying Dorado off the fishing boats because of the often illegal fishing practices. One boat we had purchased Dorado from was caught illegally fishing in Panama territorial waters. Our employee recognized a crew member when they were arrested. Others use prohibited fishing methods. I would say "eat more beans" but don't want to think about the replies I would get about that....smiles..

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Sharks' hunting ability destroyed under climate change

University of Adelaide

The hunting ability and growth of sharks will be dramatically impacted by increased CO2 levels and warmer oceans expected by the end of the century, a University of Adelaide study has found.




Scientific Reports


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