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Could someone out there help me??? Does anyone know what the word for TOE KICK also called TOE BOX in Spanish is???? I'm trying have a concrete counter made and want a concrete slab/pad put down first for TOE KICK and the counter built on the slab.

It is the space between the floor and cabinet where your toes go when you are standing at the counter.

Thank you in advance,


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I'd agree with Eleanor here. In such a case a picture IS worth a thousand words.


I know a couple of expats who regularly would go online and download a photo of the item that they wanted to buy at the farmacia or the ferretería to take along with them to show to the clerks there. Doing so saved them fumbling around for the right word or phrase, especially with their limited spanish at the time and gererally got them the item they hneeded.




Paul M.


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I looked up the word 'rodapié' in the DRAE and it seems to mean 'baseboard' (in the sense of a kickpanel or modesty panel) in english.


That's close, but what you are talking about is a space that is not flush with the front of the cabinets or counter, but recessed. In this sense it could be referred to as a 'nicho' in spanish, but that's lkely not exactly right either. It could be referred to as a 'setback' (retraqueo) or a perhaps even a recess (depresión). Pehhaps rodapié en nicho might serve.


All that said there is prolly an actual term in spanish for that little toe space under the counter, and the downloaded photo is going to be the best definintion of all for it! [ G ]


And.... If you take the photo and show it and someone who then tells you the right spanish word (or phrase) for it, please post that word back here for those of us with enquiring minds.




Paul M.


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